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These videos contain essential information that will guide you through reaching your homeownership dreams.

Tip # 3 Knowing Credit Score | Homebuying Process
Tip #3 is Knowing your Credit Score

It is important to know where you're at because that score is what we use to determine what the interest will be. We all know, typically, the higher the credit score, the lower the interest rate, and the Lower the score, the higher the interest rate.

Watch this video to know more about smart mortgage solutions and the Homebuying process.
Tip #2 Affordability | Homebuying Process
Here's Tip #2 Affordability

Expenses - Go beyond the price of the Home.
If you look at the Homeowners Insurance, Property Tax, Mortgage Insurance, and if it's a condo you may have an HOA fee, so You're going to want to budget out your finances. To do this, watch this video to know more about the smart mortgage and the Homebuying process.
Tip #1 You need to know about Homebuying Process
Here's Tip number 1 to purchasing a home.

There are millions of Americans that are eligible to purchase a home and properties but the biggest barrier preventing most people from buying a home is a lack of Education. The first thing you're going to want to do is Educate yourself about the home-buying process and what a first-time homebuyer is.

🤞 Watch this video for more exciting details. 🤞
How to Improve your Credit Score
Are you one of the clients that think that you can't purchase a home this year because you don't think that your credit is ready and it's lower than where it needs to be?

Well, in this video I want to share with you some of the checklist items or some things to look at when you're getting to purchase.

🤞 Watch this video for more exciting details. 🤞
Multiple Loan Programs that suit your Needs
In this video, I want to let everyone know we have a whole suit of Loan Programs for everyone not just for first-time homebuyers.

🤞 Watch this video for more exciting details. 🤞
How We Can Make "Moving" Less Stressful | 2023 Moving Tips
Hey there! In this video, we're going to chat about Moving. We've all moved. Whether we've purchased a place or not. We've all moved before. So let's talk about how we can make moving less stressful during a purchase transaction.

🤞 Watch this video for more essential tips. 🤞

If you want to get a copy of the Checklists, DOWNLOAD it here:
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How to Calculate Interest Rates | Andee Explained
Rates - are determined by how the economy is doing.
So, if the Economy is doing well, We typically see Higher Interest Rates, and if the Economy is doing bad we typically see Lower Interest Rates.

Sounds like it should be the opposite, right? Well, these rates are NOT rates that are given to the consumers. They're giving to banks to help consumers borrow money. So HOW are the Rates exactly calculated?

Watch this video for more exciting details.
GREAT NEWS | 2023 FHA & Conforming Loan Limit INCREASE!
Yes, You heard it right! That 2023 loan limits have increased for Confirming and FHA Loans.

Find out more interesting updates in this video.
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